Nourishing Hearts and Minds: How Ark of Hope Stepped Up in Lockdown

Tosin and Deola holdind up ark of hope leaflets

During the challenging lockdown period, we, at Ark of Hope, embarked on a mission, gratefully supported by the Mayor and the Tameside local government. Our aim was: to provide over 400 meals each week to schools in the Hattersley and Tameside community. This initiative aimed to address the needs of students and their families during this difficult time and showcased the incredible power of community and compassion.

From the Heart

Humbly delivering over 400 meals per week to schools in Hattersley and Tameside during these hard times, showcases the transformative power of compassion and community.

As we undertook this initiative, we were deeply moved by the dedication of our team of volunteers and the extraordinary support we received from the local community. St. Barnabas Church in Hattersley played a vital role as our humble hub for the operation, allowing us to efficiently distribute these hot meals to schools in the area. The project, generously supported by the Mayor and the Tameside local government, emphasised the importance of solidarity and ensuring that no child went hungry during the pandemic.

Our initiative went beyond the provision of meals; it was about offering hope, support and sustenance to the school children and their families facing unprecedented challenges during the lockdown period. The collective efforts of our volunteers, along with the support from the Mayor and the Tameside local government, epitomised the spirit of togetherness and resilience that defines our community. We hope this act of kindness leaves a positive impression on the children, families, and all those involved in this vital effort to ensure that no one went hungry during these trying times.

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